Stunning Pakistani Lehenga Designs for Wedding in 2022

Pakistani lehenga designs

Have you ever been in a situation where you are unsure which sort of lehenga is best for you? Maybe you’d like to learn more about the newest trends in lehengas and the various styles available, or maybe you’re just looking to rent a bridal lehenga. As the wedding season approaches, we at Cezanne will keep you up to speed on the latest stunning Pakistani lehenga designs for the wedding season in 2022.

Before we begin, remember that we’ll discuss the many embroideries, color combinations, and materials that look great in lehengas. The information can also be helpful when looking for lehengas and fancy wedding dresses.

4 Latest Pakistani Lehenga Designs for Wedding 

1. Anarkali Lehengas – The Lehengas’ Queen

The Anarkali lehengas are the most elegant option among Pakistani bridal lehenga. For various weddings and events, you may choose from patterned pastels, solids, or even embroidered Anarkali lehengas. An Anarkali lehenga is an excellent choice for any bride on one of the most important occasions of her life.


You may choose a shirt-collar type neck, strapped blouse, deep-neck, V-neck, heart-shaped neck, full sleeves, or even half-sleeve blouses for the Anarkali lehenga blouse.

Fabric and colors

When purchasing a Pakistani bridal lehenga for a special occasion, colors are incredibly crucial to consider. Pastel colors are a trend in the 2022 Wedding Collection; even shades look lovely on various Anarkali lehengas. The comfort or fabric of the lehenga also contributes to its uniqueness and ease of wear throughout time. When having your lehenga sewn, consider net, silk, or even velvet (if the weather in your city permits it!).


These Pakistani bridal dresses with prices in Lahore may cost between PRs. 5,000 and PRs. 50,000, based on the quantity of work done and the cost of the cloth.

2. Peplum Style – The Trendiest Pakistani Lehenga Designs for the Wedding Season Among All

The peplum-style Pakistani bridal lehenga, which is currently having a significant ethnic fashion moment, is the ideal form of lehenga for any bride looking for a more modern appearance. The blouse with the lehenga is fitted up to the waist and flared slightly below the waist. It is a unique kind of lehenga that is comfy to wear. Even if you wear it for an extended time, you will not experience any discomfort.


There are several blouses in style for this sort of Indian designer apparel. The Peplum blouse, on the other hand, is the more adaptable Pakistani lehenga designs for the wedding season of this type. The scoop neckline, stand collars, V-neck, high neckline, ruffle sleeves, full sleeves, or even quarter sleeves are ideal for your stunning lehenga.

Fabric and colors

Pastel colors are now famous for this type of wedding designer clothing. Aside from that, the deeper shades — red, blue, and even green — make the bridal or bridesmaid seem stunning at various gatherings. You may use silk, net, or even satin to make your lehenga gorgeous and light, just like an Anarkali lehenga. You may even choose the same fabric for the blouse and the lehenga.


These lehengas are slightly more expensive, ranging from PRs. 50000 to PRs. 2 lacs depending on the embroidery style, fabric, and personalization. You may also get other fancy dresses for weddings at a lower price.

3. Jacket Lehengas – The Eastern- Western Blend for Pakistani Wedding Lehengas 

There is no more gorgeous sight than a broad array of Lehenga cholis for various events such as weddings. Jacket-style lehengas are one of the most incredible and current Pakistani lehenga designs for the wedding season in 2022. So, if you’re going to an or any special event, wear this with a jacket-style blouse for an elegant appearance can wear it at your family festive or a best friend’s wedding.


You can wear a jacket over a blouse in this type of lehenga. Because the front of the blouse will be seen from the jacket, you can choose from a strap blouse, a boat neck, a sweetheart neck, a V-neck, or a basic sleeveless shirt.

Fabric and colors

The color palette for this form of lehengas is more versatile, with solids, pastels, and even deeper tones of color available depending on the purpose. As fancy dresses for women, jacket-style lehengas convey a royal appearance. Silk, organza, net, and even velvet are popular materials for this kind of lehengas.


These lehengas are more reasonable, ranging from Rs. 3,000 to slightly over Rs. 20,000. Regardless of price, we believe this is one of the most elegant lehengas available for every woman who wants to create a fashion statement.

4. Layered Lehenga- for a Chic and Elegant Look

Layered or pleated lehengas are another Pakistani bridal lehenga favorite in 2022. It also altered the definition of the traditional lehenga choli. The layered lehenga, a blend of the modern gown and the ethnic lehenga, has completely shifted the trend and made women desire to wear the pleated lehenga for a flawlessly stunning look.


There are several blouse designs available for pleated lehenga on the market. To get the most incredible mix, use more modern styles such as off-shoulder, pleated sleeves, full sleeves, and ruffled neck.

Fabric and colors

These lehengas look best in lighter tones & bright colors. You can choose between baby pink and brushed gold to get that charming, colorful, and attractive style. Stiff fabric, such as organza embroidered handmade lehenga, net, or satin, complements this kind of lehenga, ensuring you look as beautiful as you feel.


These lehengas can range between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 15,000. It depends on the number of layers and the work done on each layer.


The article covers a few of the Pakistani bridal lehenga trends that have been popular last year. Cezanne, an online store, can construct any of the designs above of lehengas for your big day. That being said, whether you’re looking for a lehenga for a special event, such as your wedding or a close relative’s special day, we hope this post has assisted you in choosing the ideal lehenga for you.