7 Types of Pakistani Dresses Every Women Should Buy.

Buying Women's Dresses Online

Investing in different types of Pakistani dresses is essential when filling your wardrobe. Pakistani suits are all about classic and vintage charm with their lasting quality. Most Pakistani women wear dresses with a new twist on the age-old charm that makes them stylish. And desi wedding clothing is our favorite. Besides, how fashionable you are, you may wish to look like a traditional princess on your big day. You can do online shopping for ladies’ dresses with many online brands in Pakistan.

Women’s clothing in Pakistan is all about being both timeless and unique. Today, our industry embraces modern trends rather than rejecting them all because modern desi women want to look confident, stylish, and fashionable. Our Pakistani ladies’ online collection showcases that perfectly. As the saying goes, “Keep your wardrobe chic, minimal, and classic,” and there are a few staples Pakistani dresses designed for ladies that you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP!

We’ve compiled a list of different types of Pakistani dresses must-haves for your next shopping trip.

  • Evergreen Kurtas
  • The Pakistani Lehenga Dresses
  • Pakistani Classic Ghararas
  • Effortless Pakistani Sarees
  • Pakistani Trouser Shirt or Shalwar Kameez Dresses
  • Flutter Pakistani Anarkali Dresses
  • Hand-Embellished Festive Designed Pakistani Dresses

7 Types of Pakistani Dresses Every Women Wardrobe Should Have. 

Evergreen Kurtas

Who says you can’t seem lovely and graceful in casual attire? Kurtas are the most casual clothing that keeps you comfortable and makes you appear classy and charming. It has a long history in the subcontinent, and due to its classic designs, it is still the most popular ethnic Pakistani fashion trend. It is not only the ideal go-to for fashion ladies but also every season’s best buddy. Summer uniforms are lawn kurtas with minimal ornamentation. You may style them in the searing heat because of their easy-breezy and airy. Yet,  in winters, you can style a khaddar or karandi kurta with a shawl. The embroidered pashmina shawl kurtas are the hottest trend of the Fall-Winter season, and we are huge fans. They appear both traditional and vintage, as well as modern and stylish.

Lehenga among the top types of Pakistani Dresses

Do you know how much Pakistani women adore Lehengas? You’ll be surprised to learn that lehengas are one of the first options most Pakistani ladies pick for their weddings.

These dresses are available in various fabrics, including cotton, silk, net, velvet, satin, and others. Embroidery styles include zardozi, Resham, and handwoven work, among others. Depending on the design and pattern, you could wear a Pakistani Lehenga to weddings, festivities, and other formal occasions. Some Lehengas hide the body, so you could wear them to religious events with the choli, delicate jewellery, and matching dupattas.

When it comes to Lehengas, you’ll do online shopping for ladies’ dresses to choose one that flatters your body type. You can get these from the best online boutique for fancy dresses or designer brands.

Pakistani Classic Ghararas

Ghararas and shararas are the defining bottom style of Pakistani dresses, and we are confident they will remain ageless. Gharars and shararas were once regarded as formal apparel. Still, they have made their way into every casual and semi-casual wear, and sharara and gharara bottoms are the new things. When choosing an attire for the Nikkah function, a white or ivory gharara set is the best option. It appears stunning during a daytime Nikkah ceremony. You can shop for fancy dresses with the best online brand for the upcoming wedding season.

Effortless Pakistani Sarees

The saree has seen many problems and changes in Pakistan over the last few decades. The Pakistani saree was banned by General Zia in the 1970s for being “un-Islamic” and now enjoying a remarkable renaissance and admiration among modern Pakistani women.
Today, this gorgeous piece of clothing is winning the hearts of young women in Pakistan, who consider it a symbol of luxury, freedom, and maturity. It’s hard to realize that wear this clothing casually in Pakistan.
The saree is simple, adaptable, and stunning.
It makes from 5 to 6 yards of fabric. Younger Pakistani ladies favor basic French chiffon, light silk, and embroidered fabric alternatives with sleeveless blouses. Besides, the older generation prefers banarasi and other traditional silk weaves.
In Pakistan’s southern region, sarees are the most popular. They’re also gaining traction in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolis. Regardless of the dress’s turbulent history, many women in Pakistan nowadays are turning to the good old Saree to make a style and fashion statement. And it’s a lovely sight to behold!
It’s one thing to appreciate a saree and quite another to know how to wear one. It’s straightforward and styled in a variety of ways. You need to be able to style it flawlessly so that hair looks as good as it should.

Pakistani Trouser Shirt Dresses 

The Trouser Shirt or Shalwar Kameez is Pakistan’s national attire. The outfit has strong roots in the country’s fashion landscape and is more of a cultural phenomenon.

As we know, Pakistani Shalwar suits have a long and straight cut. These dresses can pair up with churidar shalwar or pants in various colorful hues.

Pakistani ladies adore shalwar suits.

In Pakistan, the Shalwar Kameez comes in a variety of styles. Yet, trousers Shirts are the most popular type of Pakistani dress among men and women. It is one of the most adaptable silhouettes you can wear for every event, from grocery shopping to business dress to weddings. You can dress them as you like.

The attire has both cultural and religious significance.

The Pakistani Trouser Shirt provides ultimate comfort and style. They’re ideal for weddings, graduations, housewarmings, family gatherings, get-togethers, funerals, and other events.

While white is the favored Shalwar Kameez color for festive occasions such as Eid, the people of Pakistan wear black for sad occasions. Yet, you can buy these women’s dresses online. 

Flutter Pakistani Anarkali Dresses

There are few outfits as captivating as a stunning Pakistani bride in her beautiful Anarkali bridal gown. The Anarkali suit is the favorite type of Pakistani dress among women. Its origin date back to the fabled Mughal Empire era.

The Pakistani Anarkali suit is often a long flowy gown worn over a trouser (palazzo) and can be complete with a drape to cover the head. The designer or online lady clothes shop uses various fabrics, including silk, cotton, and others. They also come in multiple styles and designs. It comes with the cape style Anarkali suit, gown style, jacket style, layered, and so on, among the most popular Pakistani dresses.

Anarkali Dresses are a popular style among online shopping for ladies’ dresses. They are popular wedding wear. Anarkali Lehengas, with the long top and jacket being the most popular kind of Anarkali bridal dress in Pakistan.

Anarkali dresses are also best for other important events, such as religious celebrations. You can have an embroidered dress with or without stones, depending on your preference. Beautiful zardozi handwork, vibrant net laces, and simple to heavy intricate designs are popular themes for Anarkalis in Pakistan.

Hand-Embellished Festive Designed Pakistani Dresses

We Pakistanis are known for our flawless hand embroideries. Also, our world-renowned ada work comprises an eye-catching mirror, zari, zardozi, thread, and go to work. Without magnificent embroidery, Pakistani wedding gowns are incomplete. These embellishments and embroideries will remain fashionable and are well worth the cost for our online Pakistani dresses.

The Bottom Line

That’s all!

We can all agree that seven different types of Pakistani dresses are insufficient to portray the beauty & variety of the Pakistani fashion industry. Yet, these seven are a good starting point for anyone wishing to experience ethnic Pakistani fashion without losing out on the best.

The Pakistani fashion scene offers a variety of styles and kinds in fact that will make any woman appear even more gorgeous ranging from Kurtas to Sarees, Lehenga Cholis, and Anarkalis.

If you want something, you can’t go wrong with any of the seven different types of Pakistani dresses mentioned above. Yet, you can add these to your next shopping list with the best online boutique in Pakistan.